UCC Message in a Bottle

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Here at Alumni Designs we know that its not just the last minute cramming that helped you get to your graduation day. It’s the strangers you met at orientation and then became inseparable from in every class. It’s the new housemates you met in that first year and then lived with for 3 more. It’s the friends who you supported and who supported you when the 9am’s seemed early and the repeats were many. It’s the fact that even though you’re all grown up now you’ll always be their baby (even if on your first drive back to college you put diesel in the petrol car you just got for your 21st). It’s the friendships that will last a lifetime and the new friendships that blossom from it just because you recognized a familiar accent in a city far from home. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery if not in stock.


This is just a little message, as you graduate today.
In case you feel stranded, nervous or as if you’re miles away.
We’ll put a message in a bottle to assure you it was money well spent,
As we watch you make that journey to collect your piece of parchment.