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Teasaras Gaeilge-Bearla | Irish-English Thesaurus


Quick Overview

by Garry Bannister

IRISH-ENGLISH THESAURUS is the stunning culmination of Garry Bannister’s life’s work and a milestone in engagement with the Irish language and its culture. It is a reference book like no other, a meticulously researched record which captures the beauty, agility, depth and history of the Irish language.

Entries include but are not limited to translations, synonyms, usages and colloquialisms, common word combinations and proverbs. Every single entry reveals fresh and often surprising perspectives on contemporary and older usage. An original and innovative grammar guide offers leaner and more accurate descriptions of how the language is used. Lists of thematically grouped vocabulary appear throughout the book as an extremely useful tool for language-building and prose writing.

IRISH-ENGLISH THESAURUS is a significant addition to the corpus of reference texts, an essential and indispensable resource for speakers, authors, poets, journalists, students and teachers, and, indeed, for anyone wishing to enrich and develop their spoken and written Irish-language skills.


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