Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour 5th ed.

ISBN: LC9781526849120


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Quick Overview

Nigel Holt (Author) , Andy Bremner (Author) , Michael Vliek (Author) , Ed Sutherland (Author) , Michael Passer (Author) , Ronald Smith (Author)

The fifth edition of Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour continues to build on its strong biopsychosocial approach and balancing of classical and contemporary theory. The celebrated pedagogical design has been reinforced with additional pedagogical features and real world issues to offer an exciting and engaging introduction to the study of psychology.

The fifth edition has been fully updated to reflect new developments in the field and the scientific approach brings together international research and practical application to encourage critical thinking about psychology and its impact on our societies and daily lives.

Key features:
The Bigger Picture takes a step back and reflects on how a subject can be interpreted from different angles. Replacing the Levels of Analysis feature, the Bigger Picture explores not only the biological, psychological and environmental levels, but also cultural and developmental aspects as well.

Learning Goals and Review Questions encourage students to consider the core learnings of each chapter and critically assess their real world implications.

Psychology at Work interviews from Psychologists in the field are now included in every chapter. They provide a glimpse into their day-to-day work and the career path they have taken since completing a psychology degree.

Research Close Ups reflect new research and literature as well as updated critical thinking questions to encourage analysis and evaluation of the findings.

Current issues and hot topics such as, Covid-19, fake news, workplace psychology, social media, prosociality and critical perspectives of positive psychology prompt debates on the questions facing psychologists today.