Medical Law in Ireland

ISBN: LC9781847669506


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Quick Overview

Hardcover, 3rd Edition

By Simon Mills and Andrea Mulligan

This unique Irish law book is a core text for any student of law, medicine, dentistry, radiography, physiotherapy, psychiatry or nursing, as well as legal practitioners advising clients in this area. Medical Law in Ireland (originally titled: Clinical Practice and the Law) brings together all applicable Irish law in an easy-to-read style and provides clear day-in day-out guidance for clinical practitioners, students and legal practitioners working in Ireland. Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Regulation of Healthcare Professionals Chapter 3 Medical Records and Access to Records Chapter 4 Medical Confidentiality Chapter 5 Consent to Medical Treatment (I) Principles Chapter 6 Consent to Medical Treatment (II) Mental Capacity Chapter 7 Consent to Medical Treatment (III) Minors Chapter 8 Negligence (I) Principles Chapter 9 Clinical Negligence (II) Aspects of Practice and Procedure Chapter 10 Expert Evidence Chapter 11 Mental Health Law (I) Civil Aspects Chapter 12 Mental Health Law (II) Criminal Aspects Chapter 13 Abortion Chapter 14 Assisted Human Reproduction Chapter 15 End of Life Chapter 16 Coroners Law and Other Issues arising after Death Chapter 17 Clinical Research on Humans and Animals Chapter 18 Genetics and the Regulation of Human Tissues and Cells