Issues in Public Health

ISBN: LC9780335244225


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Quick Overview

What is public health and why is it important? By looking at the foundations of public health, its historical evolution, the themes that underpin public health and the increasing importance of globalization, this book provides thorough answers to these important questions.

Written by experts in the field, the book discusses the core issues of modern public health, such as tackling vested interests head on, empowering people so they can make healthy decisions, and recognising the political nature of the issues. The new edition has been updated to identify good modern public health practice, evolving from evidence. New features include: Two new chapters on the expanding role of public health, covering the issues of sustainability and climate change, human rights, genetics and armed conflict
Expanded UK and international examples
Examination of the impact of globalization on higher and lower income countries
Exploration of the tension between the population approach and the personal behaviour change model of health promotion
A variety of activities to help understanding and learning of the topics

Issues in Public Health is an ideal introductory text for higher education students studying public health in depth.
Series Editors: Rosalind Plowman and Nicki Thorogood.