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Career for Sustainable Future – SME Organization stand


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Careers for Sustainable Future –  April 10th 2024 

The Hub Atrium, University College Cork

This payment portal should be used to pay for SME <50 organization registration to attend the 2024 Careers for Sustainable Future Expo and used in conjunction with the following registration form: Registration Form

In a digital environment where online gambling is rampant, finding the best paying online casino is like searching for a hidden treasure. However, while gamblers are chasing their luck, the same passion for optimization and sustainability can be found in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. These organizations act as beacons of good business practices, realizing that their actions today affect the future. Just as the highest paying online casino at https://gamblizard.ca/best-canadian-online-casinos/best-payout-casino/, strives to maximize profits for its players, SMEs are building careers focused on sustainability, ensuring tomorrow’s prosperity for their businesses and the global community. In the world of online gambling, where chance meets strategy, the pursuit of the highest payouts in online casinos reflects the calculated steps taken by SMEs seeking to pave the way for a sustainable future. While the lure of instant profits can be tempting, SMEs are realizing that longevity and success require a broader vision.

Please ensure that you have filled out the Registration form (link above) first before using this payment portal. 

Please note the cost of the Fair is €50 + 23% VAT

If there are any issues with registration please contact Graduaterecruitment@ucc.ie

Please note that the Career Services will receive your contact details in the case they need to email you regarding the event

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