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In creating a Vendor account, a Vendor will be able to create products to sell on UCCShop.ie as required, view orders in real time, and download transaction reports. Vendors will receive a manual with instructions on how to use the Vendor Portal.

After a Vendor creates a product, they must submit it to UCCShop.ie for approval. The product will be checked to ensure it contains all necessary elements to publish a product on the website, and to ensure the wording, language, and imagery is appropriate. A product will be rejected if missing an element, and the Vendor must then amend the product and resubmit it for approval. Once all elements are present, the product will be published live on the website and will be available to purchase.

UCCShop.ie charges 7% per transaction for virtual products (e.g. courses, conferences, physical items that do not require handling by UCCShop.ie etc.), which also applies to refunds. This covers transaction charges, administration, and maintenance of your product. Although it is rare, if there is a request for a refund 160 days after the date of a customer’s payment, there may be an additional fee as it costs more to put through a refund after this timeframe.

Vendors must request refunds via email to uccshop@ucc.ie or rachel.oconnor@ucc.ie. Details to be included when requesting a refund are Customer Name, Order Number, and Amount to be Refunded. If there are not sufficient funds belonging to your department to issue the refund, the Vendor will either need to wait for more department payments to be made, or a PO can be raised for the amount. Consult with UCCShop.ie before doing so as the transaction fee will need to be taken into account.

Funds are transferred via the Finance Office only so we need an account code, cost centre code and a project code (if applicable) to enable us to set up the payment. Funds can be transferred in several smaller transfers or in one go after the course/event has finished. Please email uccshop@ucc.ie or rachel.oconnor@ucc.ie when you would like the funds to be transferred.

If you have any questions, please email uccshop@ucc.ie or rachel.oconnor@ucc.ie.