Transform How You Think: 2nd ‘Assumptive Dive’ Workout 2020 (Due to Demand)


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Quick Overview

We live in unprecedented, contentious, and fraught times. The clash of ideas all around is increasingly putting us into conflict with one another and is impinging on various aspects of our personal, professional, and social lives. What is going on?
We all have silent shapers of our thinking – a deep down sense of ‘how the world works’, made up of fundamental assumptions that we are mostly unaware of, unless we intentionally undertake to examine them.
Are you ready to ‘dive’ for your underlying assumptions – to raise your self-awareness, enlarge your perspectives, build your confidence in how you think, and improve how you relate to others – by learning how to explore these kinds of assumptions governing your conduct?

The Assumptive Dive Workout is directed at transforming How We Think about the sources of our beliefs that silently shape our behaviour towards key matters in our lives.
Join us this Autumn for our engaging series of guided readings and dialogues in the intimate small group setting of 7 Virtual Online Sessions at 7.30-9.00pm on the following Tuesdays:
• 20 October
• 3 and 17 November
• 1 and 15 December
• 5 and 12 January
Early booking advisable as places are limited to provide the best opportunities for all to participate. When fully booked please inquire as below about future offerings from The Keynes Centre. (Reimbursements will be made, in the event of insufficient participants to form a viable group).
For More Information see and for Inquiries use: [email protected]

Please note The Keynes Centre will receive your contact details so as to email you with any necessary information regarding the programme.