The Study of Religion: An Introduction to Key Ideas and Methods

ISBN: LC9781780938400


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Quick Overview

This updated textbook unravels the complex issues related to methodology and theory in the study of religion. It equips students with the knowledge needed for the academic study of religion, explaining the history of the methodology, including ideas of key theorists, and discusses key issues in the field, such as gender, phenomenology, and the insider/outsider discourse.

Updated throughout, additional material includes:
-New chapter on colonialism and post-colonialism
-New chapter on insider/outsider discourse
-Coverage of `cyber-religion’ and the internet as a research tool in religious studies

Study and classroom features in each chapter include:
-Chapter outlines
-Case studies
-Boxed key concepts
-Discussion questions
-Chapter bibliographies

The text is illustrated throughout with 35 images, and extra resources can be found online, including additional coverage of ‘levels of religion’.