Annals: Bk.14

ISBN: 9781853993152


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This edition of the fourteenth book of Tacitus’ “Annals” remains one of the most thorough editions of any book of Tacitus for use by school adn undergraduate students. Its meticulous commentary and vocabulary are supplemented by over fifity pages of introduction, covering Tacitus himself, a succinct but comprehensive account of his sytle and syntax. It also contains sections on the main themes of the book: the deterioration of nero’s reign internally contrasted with the external successes of Domitus Corbulo in Armenia, and Suetonius Paulinus in Britain (the defeat of Boudicca).Also available: Tacitus, “Annals I”; and Tacitus, “Annals XV,” both edited by N. MillerTacitus, “Annals 14: A companion to the Penguin translation,” edited by N. MillerSuetonius, ” Nero,” edited by B.H. Warmington