Soluzioni: A Practical Grammar of Contemporary Italian 4th Ed.


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Quick Overview

By Denise de Rome

Soluzioni: A Practical Grammar of Contemporary Italian combines an engaging reference and practice grammar explained in clear and concise language with numerous supporting exercises.

Aimed at keen students of all levels, Soluzioni offers:

a complete grammar review in tabular form for easy navigation and at-a-glance comprehension;
650 graded practice exercises with an answer key for self-assessment;
extensive examples, using a wide range of useful up-to-date vocabulary;
authentic material from Italian media and literature, with vocabulary notes and linked exercises to show how grammar works in practice;
special help sections throughout, dedicated to clarifying tricky points or avoiding common pitfalls;
a comprehensive user-friendly index for ease of access in both Italian and English;
a glossary of grammatical terms;
a companion website at with over 240 free interactive language quizzes for on-the-spot testing, plus supplementary downloadable material such as a comprehensive verb section and full answer key to the book exercises.
This fourth edition continues the accessible methodology and focus on contemporary usage that has made Soluzioni the clearest and most comprehensive pedagogic grammar on the market today. Fully updated, it covers key areas of difficulty such as tense usage, the subjunctive, causative verbs, combined pronouns and word order. It also pays attention to the links between grammar and communicative functions as well as those between grammar, context and register.

Suitable for class use and independent study, Soluzioni is the ideal reference and practice resource for learners of Italian. It is particularly suitable for fast-track use in ab initio courses at university and college.