Practical Medicines Management

ISBN: 9781908725004


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Quick Overview

Medicines management is more than simple drug administration. At every interaction with patients, the nurse is making a number of complex clinical decisions. This portable handbook enables the practitioner to make informed and evidence based decisions regarding medication. In CPR: Practical Medicines Management, the practitioner will find the core knowledge to safely administer drugs to the adult patient, and to communicate with the patient about the medicines they are taking. Complementing the guidance provided in detail in the BNF, this handbook provides rapid access to: indications, or why a drug is necessary; actions, or how the drug will work; normal dose and dose range; usual route and any specific skill required to safely administer via that route; any possible interactions and cautions and contraindications. Newly registered nurses, established practitioners, nurses returning to practice and nurses new to the UK will find this an essential support in their daily practice.
Trainers running statutory and mandatory courses within hospitals will find that CPR Practical Medicines Management reinforces key messages about this important task, and enables safe and confident practice.