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Jurisprudence (Essential Law Text) 2nd edition is divided into five parts.* General matters forming the subject matter of jurisprudence.* Legal Theory and the legal concepts and theories advanced by naturalists and positivists.* The various socio-legal theories which view law as a central social phenomenon.* Demonstrate how certain of the legal theories, socio-legal theories and historico-legal theories may be applied to general questions of law.Key features* Presents material so as to facilitate a clear understanding of core jurisprudential theories* Introduces relevant Irish material to the subject of jurisprudence* Explains the subject of jurisprudence in plain and ordinary English* Explains the concept of a constitution which is basic to any legal system, and clarifies principles of justice and practices at play in the resolution of disputes* Provides a bibliography for reference and further study of jurisprudence* Written by an Irish academic and is specifically tailored for the Irish studentAbout the authorDr Albert Keating is a barrister and senior lecturer in law at Waterford Institute of Technology