Intellectual Property Law in Ireland

ISBN: 9781847663665


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Quick Overview

This unique book deals with intellectual property law in its entirety, providing a single, practical and all-embracing information source covering the main aspects of intellectual property law. The expert coverage includes: copyright, trade marks, patents and design law.
Contents: Patents: A Brief History and Introduction; The Irish Patent System and International Conventions; The Patents Act 1992 – Patentability; Patents Act 1992 – Acquisition of Patent Rights; Patents Act 1992 – Maintenance and Dealings in Patents; Patents Act 1992 – Infringements and Remedies; Patents Act 1992 – Revocation and Proceedings before the Controller and Courts; Patents Act 1992: Voluntary and Compulsory Licences Introduction to Copyright; The Copyright Term; Protected Works – Literary and Artistic Works; Protected Works – Neighbouring Rights, State Copyright,Performers’ Rights; The Protection of Computer Programs as Copyright Works; Databases; Ownership and Dealings in Copyright Works; Infringement of Copyright; Defences to Copyright Infringement; Remedies for Copyright Infringement; Moral Rights and the Droit de Suite; Copyright – Irish Legislative Developments in the Twentieth Century; Semiconductor Chip Protection; Industrial Designs; The Duty of Confidence; Remedies in Tort Introduction to Trade Mark Law; Irish Trade Mark Law and International Conventions The Community Trade Mark; Trade Marks Act 1996 – Registrability; Trade Marks Act 1996: Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Registration; Trade Marks Act 1996: Relative Grounds for Refusal of Registration; Trade Marks Act 1996: Infringement and Remedies; Trade Marks Act 1996: Limitations On Rights Conferred; Trade Marks Act 1996: Registration Procedure and Ownership; Trade Marks Act 1996 – Revocation and Invalidity; Certification and Collective Marks; Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin; Taxation and Intellectual Property Rights 180 / GBP150