Ground Rules for Social Research: Guidelines for Good Practice

ISBN: 9780335233816


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Quick Overview

Ground Rules for Social Research is a user-friendly resource for people doing small-scale social research projects. It focuses on the key ideas and practices that underlie good research and provides clear guidelines to newcomers and experienced researchers alike.

The book is written for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students in the social sciences, business studies, health studies, media studies and education who need to undertake research projects as part of their studies.

Key features of the book include: The identification of 12 ground rules for good social research
Checklists to help researchers evaluate their approach and avoid fundamental errors
A clear and jargon-free style

This new edition of the book builds on the features that made the first edition so successful, adding: New chapters on research design and research philosophy
An increased focus on mixed methods research
More examples and illustrations
Updated material relating to the internet and online research