Get Through MRCP: Part 2: 450 Best of Fives

ISBN: 9781853156649


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Quick Overview

This book is an indispensable preparation tool for the MRCP (UK) Part 2 MCQ examinations and mirrors the current exam format. As in the exam itself, all questions are criterion referenced and incorporate a range of photographic material, case histories and data interpretation. Get Through MRCP Part 2: 450 Best of Fives, 2nd edition includes 100 more BOF’s than the previous edition, making this title the ultimate revision guide. The questions cover the complete medial syllabus including ethics and medical statistics, and will also feature questions on haematology, intensive care medicine, hepatology, and oncology. As with the first edition Eric Beck, the former chief examiner of the Royal College of Physicians, has edited all of the questions to ensure they are up to the correct standard.