Geology of Ireland: A Field Guide

ISBN: LC9781848891661


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Ivor MacCarthy (Author) , John Reavy (Author) , Alistair Allen (Author) , Ken Higgs (Author)

Studying geology in the field will draw anyone curious about how our planet works into the field time and time again. Ireland is endowed with a spectacular variety of geology. The rocks that make up the island of Ireland offer a unique window into a 2-billion-year history, a history which includes almost all types of geological settings, including sedimentary basins, shallow tropical seas, high mountain ranges and active volcanoes. Seventeen field areas are described, showing how to venture into the field to explore the classic sites of Irish geology. Most excursions are on or near the coast and the variety of landscapes reflects the diversity of geology. Emphasis is placed on understanding processes that operated in the geological past to produce today’s rocks. Detailed step-by-step itineraries are provided and the material is presented in a manner accessible to the non-specialist.