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11th edition

John Sloman (Author) , Dean Garratt (Author) , Jon Guest (Author)

The ideal introduction to the exciting world of economic theory and data analysis. For students taking a course on the Principles of Economics Economics, 11th edition by Sloman, Garratt, and Guest, is the ultimate guide to the fascinating subject of Economics. The book is essential for the students who want to get a solid understanding of the key concepts in economic theory and practice. With content that is accessible and easy to follow, this latest version will allow you to take your first steps into thinking like an economist.

The latest edition provides valuable insight into the constantly changing and often complex issues that economists face today. The updated comprehensive study material comes with extensive revisions, and the content has been improved, discussing the latest events and developments in the field.

The book touches upon some of the major issues the world is facing in the 2020s from an analytical and critical point of view, prompting you to adopt the economist way of thinking and reflect on both the economic problems and opportunities it presents. Some issues include the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and aftermath, globalisation, climate emergency facing our planet, the rise in populism and large-scale migration of people across and within continents.

From theory to practical, real-life applications, contemporary issues, and events, this is a leading student text and definitive guide on the principles of Economics.

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