Economics of Agricultural Development 3rd Ed.

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Economics of Agricultural Development:World Food Systems and Resource Use

By George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, William A. Masters


Economics of Agricultural Development examines the causes, severity, and effects of poverty, population growth, and malnutrition in developing countries. It discusses potential solutions to these problems, progress made in many countries in recent years, and the implications of globalization for agriculture, poverty, and the environment.

Topics covered in the book include: Means for utilizing agricultural surpluses to further overall economic development; The sustainability of the natural resource environment; Gender issues in relation to agriculture and resource use; The contribution of agricultural technologies; The importance of agricultural and macroeconomic policies as related to development and trade, and the successes and failures of such policies; Actions to encourage more rapid agricultural and economic development.

The globalization of trade in goods, services, and capital has been fundamental to changes being experienced in the agricultural and rural sectors of developing countries. It has major implications for the fight against poverty and food insecurity and for environmental sustainability. Recently, agriculture has returned to a position of center stage in the development dialog as food price volatility has increased along with water scarcity, and concerns grow over the effects of climate change on food supply and food security.