Economics 12th Ed.

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By David Begg, Gianluigi Vernasca, Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer

Economics is all around us. It influences our daily lives, our society, political decisions, environmental concerns and the future we leave for our children. The twelfth edition of Economics by David Begg and Gianluigi Vernasca is a focused toolkit for studying economics. It enables the reader to understand how economics underpins the world we live in, by presenting the economic theory in a clear and accessible way and applying it to real world situations.

This new edition has been revised and updated to include the latest topics and issues, such as the role of information and the digital economy, immigration, and globalization. This material, combined with a rich array of pedagogical features, encourages students to understand not only our economic past and present, but also our changing world and the way in which economics can make sense of it.