Company Law in Ireland

ISBN: 9781905536597


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Quick Overview

Ask about company law and many people will describe it is technical, dry, and difficult to understand. Company Law in Ireland brings this to an end. This book covers all the traditional areas, using the most up-to-date Irish and English case law, as well as the most established cases. What sets Company Law in Ireland apart is that it is delivered in a way that is more accessible than any other text in the area. Key concepts are clearly explained, illustrated by accounts of cases where plaintiffs and defendants are referred to by their names, with the facts coming alive. While Irish company law is set for a massive reform, as all of the Acts become consolidated into one in the future, this will not take place until 2015. Where necessary, the book indicates what those changes will be. Company Law in Ireland will be an essential textbook for all undergraduate students and all people with an interest in the company law. Contents include: separate legal personality * disregarding corporate personality * corporate authority * directors * shadow and de facto directors * statutory regulation of transactions with directors * restriction and disqualification * directors’ personal liability on insolvency * meetings * shares and membership * transfer of shares * capital maintenance * minority protection * company borrowing * receivers * liquidators * winding up on just and equitable grounds * fraudulent preferences * examinership. (Series: The Core d104 Series)