Companies Acts 1963-2012

ISBN: 9781847668738


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Quick Overview

Companies Acts 1963-2012: Student Edition is a compendium of Irish company legislation (Acts of the Oireachtas and statutory instruments). Every relevant piece of company legislation is included and fully consolidated. New to this edition are: Companies (Amendment) Act 2012; European Communities (Mergers and Divisions of Companies) (Amendment) Regulations 2011; European Communities (Group Accounts) Regulations 2010; European Communities (Directive 2006/46/EC) (Amendment) Regulations 2010; European Communities (Transitional Period Measures in Respect of Third Country Auditors) Regulations 2009. All legislation has been updated to reflect changes brought about by the Fines Act 2010 and the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010. In addition, commentary and case law have been updated where relevant.