Children’S Rights and Child Protection: Critical Times, Critical Issues in Ireland

ISBN: 9780719090851


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Quick Overview

This topical book, now available in paperback, comprehensively draws together diverse perspectives from key leaders in the field to address critical issues for children in relation to their rights, welfare and protection at a critical time in Ireland.

The broad array of chapters addresses the changing and complex landscape of policy, practice and law. It discusses the politics of children’s rights, the impact of child abuse within the Catholic Church, diverse approaches to service delivery and professional practice, the media and representations of child protection practice and the relationship between research evidence and practice. It offers a critique of governance in children’s services and identifies key barriers to fundamental progress in the area of children’s rights and the protection of children.

This original book fills a gap in publications in this area in Ireland. It is vital reading for academics, practitioners, managers, students and policy-makers, as well as being accessible to individuals with a broad interest in child welfare and protection. — .